At IMS NYC Day One, industry experts gathered on the Influencity Stage to share their influencer marketing thoughts, experiences, and predictions on the panel ‘Closing the Creative Gap for Optimal Influencer Marketing Success.’

The expert panel discussed why the creative gap evolved in the industry and how to successfully deliver a creative strategy. On the stage was Johanna Voss, Talent Manager at Johanna B. Voss Agency, who shared her perspective and the role talent management can have in closing the creative gap within influencer marketing.

Joining Voss was Jason Amar, Marketing Director at Bimbo Bakeries USA, who shared how there are "plenty of tactics if you're just trying to get reach” and what's more important is “high-quality content that expresses the brand” as that's where the creativity begins to sing.

Jim Tobin, CEO of Ignite Social Media, argued that the "content matters more than the creator", whilst Lindsey Gamble, Associate Director of Influencer Innovation at Mavrck, discussed how both creators and user-generated content play a unique role when content is leveraged outside of social.

Hello Partner caught up with Johanna Voss after the show to learn more about what she hoped attendees would take away from her panel, her personal highlights, the future of the creator economy, and her advice to creators, agencies, and brands who are working with talent managers or should know more about their role in the influencer marketing process.

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