The times they are a-changin’. With the rollout iOS 14.5 and Google’s deprecation of third-party cookies on Chrome, marketers have had to navigate rough waters when it comes to handling consumer data. On the one hand, nearly nine in ten (87%) Americans say they will stop shopping with companies they don’t trust with their data, and 86% have tried to erase their online footprint, according to Wunderkind’s Marketer’s Guide 2023.

On the other hand, consumers still demand a personalised, optimised shopping experience, with more than half (66%) expecting companies to understand their needs, and the vast majority (82%) expecting retailers to accommodate their preferences, as revealed by Hubspot.

Data plays an essential role in partnership marketing. Not only does it contribute to a more streamlined, personalised customer journey, it assists with attributing commission and building more accurate campaigns. How can marketers cope as such vital fuel will soon become like gold dust?

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