Partnership management platform has appointed Michelle Denman as its new Chief People Officer. Denman brings over three decades of experience to the role, steering the helm of human resources teams for a number of global companies, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chase Bank, Trend Micro, and AppSense.

She will focus on retaining talent and improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the company moving forward. Commenting on the move, Denman says she looks forward to working with’s talent, unlocking potential, and ensuring that the company can “continue to offer a positive and inspiring working environment.”

“I am also excited about the opportunity to build a connected global team that shares one culture, but still has room for regional and individual differences,” Denman states, “And also scaling the company so that we can grow effectively and efficiently without giving up our entrepreneurial spirit.”

Former Meta employee Becky Owen has climbed the ladder to her new role as Chief Marketing Officer at global influencer marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy. Having worked at Meta for almost five years, Owen says that Billion Dollar Boy became her most trusted partner across her time at the company. Bringing a wealth of experience in creator marketing, Owen looks forward to continued growth and innovation in the influencer/creator space.

Mumtaz Khamker has been promoted to Chief Growth Officer at Webgains. Khamker has worked at the affiliate network for almost 10 years, and possesses an impressive amount of experience in strategic growth and client co-ordination. Khamker took to LinkedIn to express her happiness “to have reached a personal goal of (her’s), on the cusp of International Women's Day.”

Company Restructures

Global affiliate network Awin has seen a vast amount of restructuring this past month.

After working at Awin for 16 years, Kevin Edwards stepped down from his role as Global Client Strategy Director to pursue new ventures. Edwards joined the Awin team back in 2006, when there were only 35 people in the company. Since then, Edwards has overseen and been a key part of the affiliate network’s expansion into the global leader we know today.

Edwards recently wrote for Hello Partner about his efforts on the publisher-side of affiliate marketing since leaving Awin, and his surprise at how difficult the whole ordeal is. With a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt, we look forward to whatever new challenges and ventures Edwards sets his sights on.

The beginning of the month saw some strategic shifts in the network’s leadership team. Following his sixth year at Awin, Ian Charlesworth stepped up to Vice President, Europe and APAC, after delivering consistent growth and innovation in the UK and Benelux.

The network also welcomed Gisele Mast to its C-suite. As Chief Product and Technology Officer, Mast will be leading and looking after Awin's technical ecosystem, as well as delivering effective products for both advertisers and publishers.

Rosalyn Berrisford has been appointed as Regional Managing Director, UK & BNL, bringing 12 years of experience within the company to the role. Speaking on the promotion, Berrisford states, “Throughout my 12 years at Awin, I have had the privilege of driving innovation and optimising strategy within the partner marketing channel, all whilst being supported by a senior leadership team who have provided opportunities for my development and the flexibility to navigate work and a young family. I’m thrilled to be stepping into Ian’s shoes and championing our partners across our growing industry.”

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