The podcast space is booming, with audio content allowing creators with the aim to educate and entertain to have their voices heard.

Despite video content, namely short-from, reigning supreme in the social sphere, podcasting is unique in its ability to allow listeners easy access to tune in at any time, anywhere, using a smartphone or computer. Featuring highly engaging content and unique listening experiences for audiences, podcasts can also create a sense of community among listeners and hosts who share similar interests.

LinkedIn’s investment

Professional social media platform, LinkedIn, has tuned in to the community appeal that podcasting holds with the inspiring launch of its Podcast Academy, an extension of its Podcast Network that launched last year.

The six-month incubator programme will offer emerging business podcasts exclusive programming, coaching, tools, and LinkedIn co-branding to expand and better reach new audiences.

LinkedIn consistently introduces new ways to boost the reach and the quality of content that those using the platform produce, its recent UK and US Creator Accelerator Programmes are great examples of this.

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