“I can’t believe I used to do that thing. That’s so stupid. I can’t believe a human used to manually do that thing.” This is how Rob Berrisford, Founder of Affiliate.ai, imagines most people in affiliate marketing will react after starting to use AI to help carry their workload. Berrisford believes that AI can radically change the affiliate space for the better.

We spoke with him about how to use AI to set up a business in an afternoon, why GPT-4 wipes the floor with its predecessor, and how affiliate marketers can use AI to supercharge their output.

The power of GPT-4

On a Saturday afternoon, feeling slightly hungover, no chores to take care of or anywhere to go, Berrisford did what any man would do in this situation – he started a new business using GPT-4.

He documented the experience on LinkedIn, and ended up going viral. Initially, he briefed it on making “as much money as possible in a month without doing anything illegal.” After conducting market research, GPT-4 suggested publishing an ebook on home organisation. “I kind of went on to write and publish an ebook on Kindle over the course of the next two hours, with AI generating the book cover and a whole bunch of other stuff,” Berrisford explains. “If you look at the preview, it looks pretty good!” he says with surprise, “It actually looks legitimate.”

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