LinkedIn has committed a $25 million investment toward supporting creators globally, and the Creator Accelerator Programme is an example of where this investment is being focussed. The programme was successfully launched in the US in September 2021, and in India in February 2022, and now, the initiative in the UK will support creators on how to build engaging content and communities, spark productive conversations, and connect creators to meaningful professional opportunities.

What makes the programme unique?

During the busy launch of the programme, I was lucky enough to sit down with Julien Wettstein, Head of Creator Management, EMEA & LATAM, at LinkedIn to learn more about what sets the initiative apart from other creator accelerator programmes.

Leading LinkedIn UK creators, including BBC Apprentice winner, Harpreet Kaur and entrepreneur, Caspar Lee, are on board as programme mentors. Julien told Talking Influence that when selecting mentors, LinkedIn wanted to involve figures who are already successful on the platform and have made a name for themselves as influential business figures. The mentors chosen have large networks on the platform, so are perfectly positioned to spread the word about the programme.

Harpreet Kaur says:  “I have found LinkedIn invaluable along my journey as an entrepreneur and a creator. My only wish is that I had started using it earlier on in my career and made the most out of the network and all of the tools it has to offer.

“That’s why I am so excited to be part of the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Programme in the UK, as I get to share my experiences, lessons, and hopefully can mentor and inspire other creators! I know that if leveraged well, the potential of LinkedIn as a platform for creators is limitless and the opportunities are huge!”

Julien is particularly excited that a great variety of demographics will have the opportunity to be onboarded, with their content covering professional topics including tech, diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, sports, environment, mental health and wellness. Julien emphasised that thanks to this variety, the selected creators will be able to build a community amongst one another to further amplify every creator’s voice.

What truly makes this accelerator programme different from others is that on LinkedIn, the focus for content is not on its virality as such, and focuses far more on education, deeper understanding and building meaningful connections. Julien says that the way people should look at this is not just as a creator fund, but as a classroom for willing and excited creators who want to solidify their position on the platform. Community is everything here.

How can creators get involved?

The creators will be shortlisted on the basis of their ability to build passionate communities, unique content, and spark meaningful and topical discussions with LinkedIn’s 32 million UK members. The selected cohort will also be given a financial grant to bring their ideas to life and explore their creativity.

When asked what the LinkedIn team will be looking for when selecting creators to become a part of the programme, Julien said he will be looking at applicants with a holistic view. The perfect candidate may not be someone who has a huge amount of followers and top tier engagement, what is most important is that the mentees show a willingness to learn and grow, adding value to the platform.

Julien says: “Creators are increasingly becoming the beating hearts of our LinkedIn feeds. With the UK Creator Accelerator Programme, we want to help take their presence on LinkedIn to the next level to grow their following, reach new audiences, and unlock new business opportunities with the content they’re creating and the conversations they’re sparking.

“We have seen that the more conversations that happen on LinkedIn, the more opportunities become available to members everywhere. The goal is to equip a diverse range of voices with the right resources to help them bring their ideas to life, to inspire and enrich the professional lives of our 32 million UK members.”

The programme is now taking applications from UK creators, who are building engaging content using a variety of formats such as video, newsletters, and short-form posts. Creators can apply at and applications are open until the 21st of June, 11:59 pm BST. The final cohort of 200 creators will be announced in the coming months.

To help creators understand more about the programme, LinkedIn’s Community Management team is hosting a live event on the 25th of May at 5pm BST on the LinkedIn For Creators Page.

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