Since the start of 2023, artificial intelligence has dominated the menu of discourse for ad and tech industries, but it’s been mostly one flavour, and that’s ‘ChatGPT’.

To expand the palette for one’s taste of AI, we took a look at the other AI tech available right now, that can improve your productivity, and drive ROI.

Joining us to explain the new technological frontier were Thomas Vosper, CEO of aisle 3; Nisarg Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of; and Gary Csiszar, Founder & CEO of Post For Rent.

In this webinar, we explored tangible use cases for current AI technology in affiliate and influencer marketing.

We learned how the layman can either dip their toes, or fully dive into integrating AI with their digital marketing strategies, and interrogated the true value of AI for the affiliate and influencer channels.

We also looked at the dangers and challenges of this tech. At the end of the session, we opened up the floor for some probing audience questions.

Each member of the panel discussed AI tech that they use, explained how marketers can make the most of this tech, and debated the future of AI, machine learning, and the industry.

Amongst many topics covered, Thomas revealed how AI aggregator systems can collect data far more rapidly, and for a cheaper rate, than using manpower. Nisarg explained the technology's value for brand safety, namely its ability to identify fake affiliate and influencer accounts. Gary discussed the productivity opportunities opened up by GPT models, as well as some of the risks with using these. All agreed that getting started with AI is not the scary and expensive task that it appears to be, and you don't need to be a large enterprise to get involved.

Learn more about this cutting-edge subject from three industry leaders who are well-versed in the technology, and put forth the argument that it’s actually not difficult at all for marketers to reap the benefits of AI.

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