has enhanced its strategic collaboration with Google, and will now power affiliate link deals across the platform’s surfaces for its customers.

The new integration leverages’s Single Unique Promo Code (SUPC) technology. By combining the two, merchants can now tap into’s proprietary tech to expand their audience reach, ensure relevant offers are featured across Google surfaces, and drive more conversions.

Currently, this integration is available to the US-based brands, aiming to help them increase their reach across surfaces such as Google Search, Google Maps, and the Google Pay app. The collaboration also aims to improve the shopping experience for consumers, helping them find the most relevant deals and discounts based on their search queries.

Commenting on the upgraded integration, David A. Yovanno, CEO of, said, “As consumers’ online purchasing behaviors continue to evolve, merchants can help provide a better shopping experience by directly offering consumers relevant deals and offers based on their search results. And by removing just one click from the purchase process, brands have one less reason to be concerned that consumers will abandon the purchase and leave their site, benefiting both.”

Steve Tung, Product Manager at Google, had this to say about the collaboration: “People come to Google every day to find what they need, and we know people are always looking for ways to save money. By teaming up with – first through Google Pay and now across even more Google surfaces – we are helping people find relevant offers and deals.”

How will this affect affiliate marketing?

Brands that are making the most of this integration are likely to be at an advantage, at least across Google surfaces. They should expect a wider reach and – with the removal of one click in the consumer journey – increased conversions.

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