Taboola’s CEO and Founder, Adam Singolda, is thrilled to announce that the web advertising company has just signed a long-term, strategic partnership with Yahoo. He said, “this is by far our most strategic partnership agreement ever, and in my mind one of the most exciting partnerships in the history of the internet.”

Yahoo is deepening its push into digital advertising, even despite competitors warning that the market is faltering. Adam feels honoured that Yahoo has chosen to partner with Taboola, as he sees the internet technology company as “one of the most trusted, innovative tech and media companies of our era.”

Jim Lanzone, Chief Executive at Yahoo is aware that investing in subscription models and e-commerce features may generate income sooner than web advertising investment, however he said in an interview “the deal with Taboola puts both companies in a good position for when the ad market revives.”

He added: “I’m thinking, you know, five, ten, 30 years, digital advertising has a huge wind at its back over the long term.”

Taboola is going to power recommendations and native advertising across iconic brands such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, and all of Yahoo’s digital properties.

“We’re going to join hands and innovate together, bringing more power to Open Web users, levelling up the fight against the walled gardens,” said Adam on the partnership.

Partnering with Yahoo means that Taboola will be doubling down on its commitment to powering recommendations across the Open Web, giving advertisers more choice against being trapped in walled gardens, while at the same time, driving growth to publishers.

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