In recent research, LinkedIn compared the top-rated skills that professionals held in 2015, with those for the same jobs today. By identifying the skills that rose to the top, we’re able to understand the top skills in demand today.

The top 20 skills were featured in more than three-quarters of paid jobs posted globally over the last three months on LinkedIn. In order to help job seekers future-proof their careers, LinkedIn content creators, who are experts within their fields, will be hosting training sessions and sharing their expertise.

This is a great example of how different platforms can utilise content creators in different ways. Creators on Instagram may teach their audiences about their skincare routine, whereas LinkedIn has recognised the opportunities to educate their audiences professionally.

Here are the top skills established, and educational sessions to support these, that we think those working within the influencer and partnership marketing space will benefit from:

It’s great to see that there are multiple skills on the list that recognise social media and marketing as extremely important and reputable skills for professionals to have. This proves that, with the help of some extra lessons, building your social media and marketing skills could be the key to achieving professional success.

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