With the amount of talk we hear about privacy and tracking changes, it’s becoming tempting to block out the noise, so to speak. For a long time it felt, for some, as if there was a lot more talk than action. However, over the past couple of years, our fears are finally coming true – we’ve seen a lot of changes that are actually having detrimental effects on the marketing industry.

Whether you’re going to be directly impacted by the changes, or if it will be a butterfly effect, it is important to stay up to date (that goes without saying).

Google’s announcement in February, in which it outlined plans to deprecate the Advertising ID on Android, may seem alarming. However, according to this month’s industry expert, Tom Cotton, Trading Strategy Director EMEA and APAC at MiQ, the solutions proposed through Google’s Privacy Sandbox present a more sympathetic approach to maintaining effectiveness across advertising use cases whilst maintaining standards around user privacy.

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