DemographicsPro, provided Talking Influence with a complete rundown of the services they offer, as well as discussing how it tackles some of the hurdles within the influencer marketing industry in order to offer its users quality, actionable data.

How does DemographicsPro help businesses with influencer marketing?

Demographics Pro is the leading provider of actionable insights on social audiences. Our solution delivers deep audience demographics and psychographics via dashboard or API, and helps companies verify influencer audience relationships. With our data, you can analyse, influence, and target consumers strategically for your next marketing campaign.

What are some ways that clients can access your data?

DemographicsPro users can analyze social media audience insights via our user-friendly dashboard or our robust and reliable API. Many of our agency and brand customers like the simplicity of getting data in our dashboard UI, while influencer platforms or agencies that are building their own software typically integrate the data via our API. We also have many clients who incorporate both delivery options into their processes.

How can audience demographics help select the right influencers to partner with?

Using DemographicsPro, you can easily understand who your target audience is, what they care about, and which people influence them the most. Marketers can start with a wide campaign brief, using criteria like interests and location to filter down to a shortlist of creators to consider. Then they can dig into granular insights on brand affinities, media consumption, and other details to select the perfect talent for every campaign. Having our data to back up these choices provides confidence and makes the process super-efficient.

What are the biggest issues facing influencer marketing today?

The biggest challenge that our customers have is finding the right influencers.  Our clients want to invest in the right people who have a social audience that align closely with their ideal consumers. Marketers today are asked to understand and sell to very specific audiences, sometimes in niches that didn’t exist a year ago. Without good data, it’s impossible to keep up with demands like that. But with good, detailed insights, it’s possible to find the right fit for just about any campaign, no matter if it’s big, small, mainstream, or cutting edge.

Of course, as part of their campaign management, they want to make sure they’re reaching enough of the right people to achieve their goals, so reach tends to be an important question.

And they want to make sure they’re reaching real people, especially as the industry has become aware of the scope of influencer fraud in the last few years. Our own data shows that 55% of all influencers have purchased fake followers or fake engagement. Selecting influencers who have a genuine following and audience engagement tends to be an obstacle with fraud.

Influencer fraud is a huge challenge that many brands and agencies are facing when dealing with influencers, how does DemographicsPro help with that?

Our Real Audience Audit influencer fraud solution verifies whether fake followers and fake likes have been purchased from confirmed bot farms.

Available via dashboard or API, Real Audience Audit can measure real engagement for your clients’ campaigns, from genuine audience members, excluding purchased fake likes.

What organisations have adopted audience demographics?

Industry leaders like Traackr, Fohr, #Paid, Fashion/Beauty Monitor, Influencer Intelligence, and Julius use our audience demographics in their platforms. On the agency side, everyone from large agencies like Edelman to high-growth agencies like Social Studies, who just landed on the Inc 5000, incorporate our data into their influencer marketing best practices.

How can one see a preview of the type of insight you can provide?

We’d love to be able to show your readers how they can use this data to improve their influencer marketing processes. The easiest way for them to connect with us and get a look at the data is to head to and click on the Request Sample button.

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