Users can now include their pronouns on their profile

In case you missed it in yesterday’s Talking Influence newsletter, last week, Instagram announced that it has added a feature that allows users to add their preferred pronouns to their profiles in order to clearly display their gender identity. The feature is already available to users in some countries, including the UK and US, and Instagram intends to continue rolling the feature out across the globe.

Users and the Instagram team alike are encouraging as many people as possible to utilise the new pronouns feature, especially those who are cisgender (identify with the sex they were assigned at birth) as it normalises that someone’s physical appearance isn’t always interchangeable with how they identify.

At present, users can select their pronouns from a list generated by Instagram which includes dozens of options, including she, he, they, ze, ve and many others. The pre-generated list ensures that users are not adding inappropriate words. Instagram will continue to work on the terms and conditions of this feature to make sure it is being used appropriately.

A new Instagram app for kids?

Albeit somewhat controversial, Facebook has been working on developing an Instagram app for the use of children under the age of 13. The regular Instagram app is currently available to anyone aged 13 and above.

The Facebook team behind Instagram are aware that in some cases, users will lie about their age in order to access the app, which presents a safety concern. The development of Instagram for kids would mean that illegal usage would be unnecessary, and the necessary safety measurements for those under the age of 13 could be implemented

Instagram for kids is still in discussion, as much of the feedback in regards to the idea has been negative, with suggestions that it just isn’t necessary for children below the age of 13 to have access to their own social media profiles. Some US lawmakers are pleaing for Instagram to cancel the plan all together.

The discussion of Instagram for kids follows the 2017 launch of ‘Messenger Kids’, a Facebook product aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12, which despite receiving some negative feedback from children’s safety advocates, is still up and running to enable children to stay in contact with friends and family.

Instagram to host its first series of exclusive creator events

As the number one platform for influencer marketing, Instagram is working hard to ensure that creators are benefiting from the platform, and that they’re provided with the information and tools they need to succeed. Instagram has announced that creators can now look forward to the apps first ever ‘Creator Week’.

Creator Week will run from 8th June-10th June and will feature streamed sessions on topics such as how to grow a following and boost monetisation. The virtual event will be invite only, welcoming around 5000 creators from the US. In the future, Instagram plans to host similar virtual events for creators in European markets.

If you don’t receive an invitation to this exclusive event, don’t fret, as Instagram will be sharing highlights from the sessions on its creator account, including a daily recap series called ‘The Rundown’.
We would love to know your experiences with the new pronouns feature, opinions on Instagram for kids, and what you hope to see from Instagram’s creator event. Reach our Journalist, Neve Fear-Smith, on LinkedIn to open the discussion.

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