Jennifer Quigley-Jones, CEO of Digital Voices was our host today, and it was great to see how passionate she was engaging in conversations with our speakers during the live Q&As. As well as hosting the Q&As, Jennifer sat on the ‘How to Authentically Transition to Audio?’ panel, exploring one of the trendiest topics within the industry at the moment. Don’t forget to watch Jennifer’s roundup to learn more about what she took away from creator day.

Be passionate about the content you create

The creators who spoke today put a real emphasis on the importance of being truly passionate about the content you’re producing and putting out. Your audience will be able to tell if you’re enjoying the content you’re producing. Speakers on the ‘Owning your niche, the path to profitability’ panel added that audiences become invested in creator’s personalities, and it is likely that when the audience feels truly connected to a creator, they will follow their journey as their content evolves.

Content creator, Stef Michalak, discussed with Stephanie Hoppe from Captiv8 how he used to share content across a multitude of platforms, but since the pandemic, has taken a leap back, and started looking at the areas and platforms he has the most passion for. Stef spoke about how to adapt as a creator looking by looking at the user behaviour, while still staying true to your passions.

Stay authentic, and follow the rules

Speaking about ‘How to show up online authentically’ was creator of the #FILTERDROP campaign, Sasha Louise Pallari. Sasha shared how she feels as though trends can often get in the way of authenticity, but being genuine is far more valuable. She added how one of her goals is to look towards a place where it is rarer to show up online unauthentically, than authentically.

The #FILTERDROP campaign has been a real success in encouraging authenticity online, so much so that there is now an ASA ruling in place stating that influencers must not use filters when promoting beauty products. Rupa Shah from Hashtag Ad Consulting was able to tell us more about how creators can abide by the advertising rules, in order to build and maintain a trusted platform.

Rupa gave us an in-depth look at how to ensure that creator content is not missing the mark when disclosing ads. If you’re interested in finding out the nitty-gritty details, you will be able to access Rupa’s session, as well as the rest of the sessions from the past three days through our video vault. Ticket holders, keep an eye out for the video vault link in your inbox, and for those who didn’t attend, we will be updating you on how you too can access the video vault.

The creator space is continuously evolving

The overwhelming takeaway from today, and from the event as a whole, is that the influencer marketing industry is evolving day by day. Take the rise of audio, for example. We heard from creator, Jack Edwards, and Rosie Snell from Stereo who discussed how audio is the perfect next step for YouTube creators, and a great way for those who are yet to share their voice online to step into content creation.

Content creator, Vix Meldrew, shared who she thinks content creators and brands should really be utilising Reels on Instagram. The platform is no longer just for photo sharing, and Vix believes that if you can turn a concept into a Reel, that is the best approach to receive maximum organic engagement.

The final session of the day, exploring the changing nature of being a ‘digital first creator’, featuring Content Creator Nicole Ocran and Katie Wallwork from The Fifth left us with some important questions to think about. Over the past year, in particular, we’re hearing from an increasing number of voices in the influencer space, and there is a want to learn from diverse voices. We hope to look towards a future for the industry that is truly inclusive to all.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who tuned into the IMS sessions over the past three days; we’ve really enjoyed engaging with our attendees and listening to your feedback. If you missed out on this year’s event, stay tuned, as we will be bringing The Influencer Marketing Show to London later in the year! We will also be publishing some more highlights from IMS Global on Talking Influence over the coming weeks.

Without our speakers and sponsors, we wouldn’t have been able to execute such a wonderful event. So we want to give a huge shout out and a big thank you too all those who got involved.
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