Some may find it ironic that TikTokers are paying homage to the 80s and 90s, as many of its users weren’t even around then, with GenZ-ers only just falling into the threshold of ‘90’s kid’. We no longer need to look towards major fashion houses for the latest trend predictions, when we have TikTok at our fingertips.

But TikTok users are just dabbling in 80s and 90s fashion; they are causing many of the must have pieces to sell out. Some of the trending products on Amazon at the moment include, chunky hair clips, anklets, and patterned scarves. Amazon have noticed such an influx of these TikTok trending products gaining traction on its site, that it has introduced an ‘Internet Famous’ page for consumers to find their colourful framed sunglasses, tennis skirts and Doc Marten boots all in one place.

Act fast, or miss out

You can bet that these GenZ TikTok users who have fallen in love with 80s and 90s fashion are desperately wishing that their parents had archived some of their classic pieces – especially considering that fast fashion outlets are struggling to keep the trends stocked to meet the needs of the millions of fashion enthusiasts.

TikTok users have wised up to the fast paced sell out of the latest trending items, and have delved deep into the cave of 80s and 90s relics. With sustainability increasingly front of mind in today’s generation, TikTok users are sharing their best hacks on how to bag authentic 80s and 90s pieces from second hand apps such as Depop and Vinted. The hashtag #vintedhacks has close to 100 thousand views.

TikTok users can now access a wealth of videos on the platform that allows them to join the vintage fashion community, and learn how to stock their wardrobes with 80s and 90s pieces. One of the trending hacks to find ‘trendy’ 80s and 90s pieces on Vinted is ‘to think like a mum’. Too much? Not when your outfit styling videos are raking in millions of views on TikTok.

Act fast if you want to grab some gems from the 80s and 90s mums who are clearing out their wardrobes, or quickly fill your amazon basket, because TikTok has made 80s and 90s fashion the trend du jour.

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