With the abundance of influencer marketing agencies, tech platforms, and SaaS, the marketplace can get quite confusing! We spoke with featured AI-fueled, self-service platform Crowd Point to find out what sets them apart from the rest, how they are serving their clients, and the key features of their platform.

What makes Crowd Point Analytics stand out from the crowd?

We have effectively reinvented and streamlined the influencer search and discovery process. We started by identifying the problem which was that brands and agencies found the search and discovery process to be tedious, convoluted and ineffective. Our data scientists and software engineers worked hand in hand with a major food and beverage brand and one of the largest advertising agencies in the world to develop a platform that would be an effective solution for any marketer in the influencer space. The end result was the development of our Influencer Campaign Builder (ICB). The AI-fueled, self-service platform delivers a roster of niche and micro-influencers in real-time, whose followers aggregately meet the specific target demographics, topics of interest and total number of followers (or total budget) that a brand or agency is seeking.

What are the key features?

Crowd Point’s easy to use platform walks you through an automated series of questions that will create your customized roster of influencers and build your campaign in real-time. We’ve eliminated the need to exhaustively search through influencer databases. Our automated platform will ask specific questions about your campaign including your desired audience/follower size, topics of interest and desired target demographics across 5 different categories. Our audience metrics are so precise, that you can enter specific percentages for each demographic category. After building your campaign, our platform utilizes data analytics to track campaign performance in real-time by measuring the number of impressions, engagement rate, follower growth, and Return on Investment. Clients receive individual logins to the Crowd Point dashboard and all campaign data can be easily viewed and downloaded.

What problem(s) are you solving for your clients today?

One of the biggest problems that brands and agencies have faced is being able to accurately reach their target audience through influencer marketing campaigns. Crowd Point’s Influencer Campaign Builder solves this problem. We optimize demographic variables at the campaign-
level instead of at the influencer level. Traditional search and discovery tools often exclude influencers who don’t individually match most or all of the needed demographic variables. By aggregating this information across influencers at a campaign level, Crowd Point is able to more effectively and efficiently reach specific target audiences. The other key problem that we’ve solved is the ability to easily build influencer campaigns at scale. Until now, the more followers or impressions you would need, the more difficult it was to optimize the results. Our platform won’t make you spend time dragging influencer profiles in and out of lists—we start with the total number of followers or impressions you’re seeking and reverse engineer the process to meet your target audience objectives. We take pride in the fact that our platform was designed by data scientists, but built for marketers.

Measurement is something many marketers still struggle with. What business metrics do you measure?

The Crowd Point Campaign Performance Tracker (CPT) automatically measures the performance of campaigns in real-time. CPT will measure the number of impressions, overall engagement rate, follower growth and Return on Investment. It also allows you to measure the performance of individual posts and influencers. CPT scans social channels on a daily basis, finds the relevant posts and then tracks the data as soon as a post goes live. Clients can access the Campaign Performance Tracker through the Crowd Point dashboard, where you’ll be able to create and share customized, automated influencer marketing reports.

Who is your main client type?

Primarily brands and agencies but our platform is a game-changing solution for any marketer who is building influencer campaigns.

What sort of pricing models do you offer?

We use a subscription model that offers pricing levels based on how many campaigns you are concurrently tracking. All of our plans include unlimited campaign building. We also offer customized plans and specialize in enterprise solutions.

How can our readers get started?

You can request a demo on our website at crowdpointanalytics.com or email us at info@crowdpointanalytics.com.

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