Influencer marketing technology company Klear has introduced a way to fully track content posted to Instagram Stories, allowing marketers and users to compile more data. The technology will work in a similar way to its existing methods it will automatically identify and measure pre-defined hashtags and handles, and generate a real-time report based on content produced by activated influencers and associated performance metrics. Influencers must have an Instagram business account and will have to authenticate it in order for marketers to access their Stories’ analytics. Klear has also created tech that can measure metrics from Instagram’s feed, as well as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as part of its campaign performance measurement solution. “This is a major enhancement for clients who run Instagram influencer campaigns. Instagram Stories has become the dominant feature of sharing updates on Instagram,” said Guy Avigdor, COO at Klear.“Until now, marketers weren’t able to properly measure the impact of this specific type of generated content. It’s another powerful tool on our platform that helps brands assess the impact and media value actually achieved working with influencers.”Klear joins the likes of Buzzoole, which has introduced analytics reporting on Instagram Stories. Having just celebrated its second birthday, Instagram Stories has more than 300 million active daily users (Instagram 2018). What’s more, twice as many Instagram Stories are posted by brands than Snapchat Stories, found Mediakix (2017), meaning marketers and businesses are looking to update their Instagram strategy to gain new followers and grow their community. Businesses can use analytics to make sure their Stories are connecting with their audience and understand how broadly their Stories are being seen to better inform their marketing strategies.
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