With influencers on the rise, over three quarters (79%) are set to create more branded content and posts for brands, according to research from influencer marketing platform Mavrck.

This figure is further backed that a third (32%) of influencers have already started producing branded posts, while 17% plan to do the same amount of posts about brand’s products or services. Just 4% said they would produce less promoted content.

Female dominance

Breaking down genders, just 5% of influencers are men according to Mavrk while 95% are women.

Among the age group, the majority of influencers (75%) are 25-34 while 18.2% of influencers are 35-44 years old. There are only 4.4% of influencers that are aged 18-24.


When asked about the motivation behind the content produced, 44% said they share a passion for creating content while 23% produced content as a creative expression.

In addition, 12% of influencers make branded posts to inspire others while 8% do so to connect with others.

Instagram on top

In terms of platforms, Instagram reign supreme for influencers with 100% of usage, followed by Facebook pages (78%) and groups (60%).

67% said they post content on YouTube and 65% use Twitter, however platforms  Snapchat (9%) and LinkedIn (3%) were least used by influencers.

Lastly, when it comes to producing branded content for marketers, 90% of influencers agreed that they produce content to receive free products or services, while 63% do so for monetary compensation.

29% meanwhile do so for discount on branded products or services while 19% produce branded posts for experimental rewards.

“Influencers, by definition, inspire and empathize with the same consumers that marketers seek to engage,” said Liz Gottbrecht, VP of marketing at Mavrck: “They bridge the gap.”

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