Welcome to the ultimate guidebook for the Influencer Marketing Show USA (IMS USA) 2024 in New York City! 

As the premier event in the realm of influencer marketing, IMS USA promises to deliver a wealth of insights, networking opportunities, and actionable strategies to propel your brand into the future of the Creator Economy.

This comprehensive guidebook explores the key themes and topics at the forefront of the industry, from the rise of B2B influencers to the strategic use of digital platforms in the attention economy. 

Key themes and topics

With insights from industry experts, actionable strategies for achieving and measuring success, and discussions on building sustainable partnerships, IMS USA 2024 sets the stage for an enriching journey into the future of influencer marketing. 

Whether you're a brand looking to harness the power of creators or a creator seeking to diversify your income streams, IMS offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, connect, and innovate in the vibrant realm of the Creator Economy.

At the heart of our agenda lies a commitment to tackling the big and challenging topics head-on, including sessions on the practical usage of AI, sustainability, and how influencer marketing fits into the Media Mix. We've curated sessions that delve deep into the complexities of the influencer marketing landscape, offering fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to navigating its ever-widening terrain.

Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights…

‘Are B2B Influencers Taking Over? The New Frontier of Influencer Marketing’

In the grand theatre of influencer marketing, where Instagrammers, YouTubers, and TikTokers have traditionally taken the spotlight, a new protagonist is rapidly emerging - B2B influencers armed with a business plan. 

With Ogilvy reporting a 75% spike in the use of influencer marketing strategies by B2B brands, it's clear we're at an inflexion point. 

Join industry experts Jasmine Enberg, Principal Analyst at EMARKETER, Jessica Phillips, Founder & CEO of The Social Standard, Brendan Gahan, CEO & Co-Founder of Creator Authority, and Jack Appleby, Creator of Future Social, as they explore new opportunities for brands, options for creators, and the evolving role of platforms like LinkedIn in fostering authentic partnerships.

‘New Horizons: How are Digital Platforms Shaping Future Engagement in the Attention Economy?’

In an era driven by changing content consumption patterns, digital platforms have been experimenting with new ways to engage consumers like never before. 

The growing trend of platforms, traditionally known for one content format, venturing into new territories, opens up a host of interesting questions. 

Join representatives from major digital platforms including Leah Rubin-Cadrain, Head of Creative at Snap Inc., Tiffany Matloob, Global Head of Creator Community at YouTube Shorts, and Christine Göös, Senior Director of Marketing at Billion Dollar Boy, as they explore the latest updates and unpack the key consumer behaviour patterns driving innovation.

‘Challenging Vague Success Metrics: This is How You Measure Influencer Marketing’

As the Creator Economy evolves, there's been much discussion around setting industry standards for measurement and implementation to unlock its full potential. 

Driving sales and achieving ROI play integral roles, but focusing on the different paths to achieving them is where the true value lies. Drawing on case studies, this session will provide actionable takeaways to ensure your brand is smashing its targets.

Join expert representatives from high-profile brands including Sarah Shaker, AVP, Head of Brand Engagement at Maybelline New York for L'Oréal USA, Lisa Chudnofsky, Chief Brand Officer at The Vitamin Shoppe, Denise Vitola, VP Brand Strategy at Linqia, and Danny Gardner, Social Intelligence Lead at Haleon, as they unpack detailed ways to measure the performance of creators. 

‘The Lifecycle of an Influencer: Building a Sustainable Future’

As social media platforms, algorithms, and content creation styles continue to evolve, creators are looking at new ways to diversify their income streams. 

From expanding personal brands beyond traditional platforms to unpacking new monetisation strategies, this session will identify key building blocks for establishing a sustainable future. 

Gain valuable insights from industry experts and forward-thinking talent managers on how to align with brands who value ambitions to grow and diversify offerings, with speakers including Zealand Shannon, YouTuber and Content Creator, Andrew Franz, Founder & CEO at Panel Inc., Giselle Huasipoma, Senior Coordinator, Global Influence at Calvin Klein, Juliann Kane, Influencer & Content Marketing Lead at Klarna, and Molly Tracy, Founder & CEO at VRAI.

‘KEYNOTE: Strategic Storytellers: How to Leverage Influencer-Led Market Insights for Brand Growth’

Join keynote speaker Ben Ebbrell, Co-Founder of Sorted Food, as he deep-dives into the innovative strategy of engaging influencers as strategic informants for brand growth. 

Discover how authentic consumer insights from influencers can transform your brand's messaging and drive full-funnel marketing success. Providing case studies in real-time, delegates will challenge preconceptions of traditional consumer research methods and leave with a new blueprint for understanding the power of influencers in transforming audience engagement.

Secure your place

With an agenda packed full of insightful sessions and expert speakers, IMS USA 2024 is your opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving creator and influencer space. 

Join us at New World Stages on June 3rd and June 4th for an unforgettable experience that will empower you to unlock the full potential of the Creator Economy!

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