Tricia Meyer is one of the most uniquely knowledgeable individuals in partnership marketing.

As Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association (PMA), she’s integral to the growth, standards, perception, and reputation of the industry. In a past life, Meyer worked as a lawyer but states she found her ‘true calling’ in affiliate marketing. Alongside her work at the PMA, she is also a prominent publisher in her own right, spearheading the online shopping portal Sunshine Rewards. Her voice is important, insightful, and enviably eloquent. 

At PI LIVE USA, Meyer moderated the panel on emerging technologies in 2024. This was a fascinating and visionary session, which soared over the various new technologies being birthed into the partnerships space and how you can get the best out of them. 

Perhaps most interestingly, both Meyer and attorney Gary Kibel were able to draw upon their legal expertise to demystify the finicky ins and outs of lawful conduct in the AI world. The majority of audience questions focused on this matter.

For a while, it seemed as though AI was on a clear course to world domination. But like everything else in the world, it has now hit the traffic spikes of bureaucracy.

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