We’re racing towards the end of Q1 and affiliate tracking is still the issue puzzling the industry. All kinds of solutions have been suggested and tested. There’s still no concrete, unified solution. But we seem to be getting closer to it. 

The APMA released a useful guide this week detailing some advice for retailers, specifically, about consent management platforms (CMP), privacy laws, affiliate tracking, and so on. But it is, in fact, a worthwhile read for anyone in the industry. We’ve gathered its most interesting points below.

Elsewhere, Admitad is setting its sights on aiding SMEs in the industry, and VoucherCodes is doubling down on its new customer-centric strategy. 

Affiliate tracking could be unaffected by privacy changes

Consent should be on every marketer’s radar for 2024. 

Google set a deadline, which we just passed this week, for marketers to get their consent plans together, with stringent penalties to be dealt out if they don’t. 

Privacy watchdogs all around the world have been cracking down on this too. Earlier this month, the ICO distributed an email reminding website owners to double-check their Consent Banners.

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