Today sees the exciting announcement of four major industry podcasts in partnership with PI LIVE USA. They will be recording episodes live at the Miami conference, interviewing experts and trailblazers in attendance at the show.

Amplifying voices

PI LIVE events have always been about giving volume to the most important and innovative voices in performance and affiliate marketing. We pride ourselves on amplifying the industry’s best ideas so that individuals can empower themselves and the wider space can flourish in turn – a mission statement shared by the four podcasts who’ll be joining us.

They are:

Each one of these shows provides valuable insights into a particular realm of partnership marketing.

Hosted by industry veteran Tye DeGrange, ‘Always Be Testing’ stays true to its name by examining experiments in the space. What worked and what didn’t? These are the kinds of questions asked, as DeGrange and his guests prove the power of ‘testing’ in order to break new ground. They then share the lessons they learned to save you a lot of time in the process.

Marshall Nyman’s ‘Performance Marketing Spotlight’ is all about helping listeners maximize their affiliate programmes. Speaking to a wide range of guests, from different areas of the industry, Nyman uncovers excellent tips and tricks to boost your affiliate gains. With a vast background of experience in the space, Nyman is a compelling guide worth listening to. 

Affiliate Nerd Out’ is a great podcast for picking up tangible strategies that you can then implement in your own affiliate programme. Hosted by Dustin Howes, an affiliate powerhouse and Co-Founder of Affistash, the podcast brings weekly conversations with industry gurus that look at specific topics like ‘how to use YouTube ads to boost affiliate marketing performance’, or ‘how to produce SEO content faster with AI’. A practical resource for putting strategies straight into action.

Rick Magennis’ ‘The Rick Magennis Show’ is a wellspring of worthwhile information for anyone running an affiliate programme, or looking to start one. Magennis and his guests engage in useful conversations that advise listeners on a broad range of topics, from content creators to e-commerce affiliate strategies. As his podcast description states, ‘no topic is off limits’. Run by industry leader, Rick Magennis, President of Bearcat Media LLC, the podcast is an essential listen for experienced and aspiring affiliate marketers alike.

Inspiring the new wave

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn about the industry and boost your game with the hacks and advice seeded throughout useful conversations. We’re delighted to be in partnership with four shows that we believe are doing excellent work in the space. Together, we aim to continue to work towards an empowered vision of affiliate marketing. 

Matthew Wood, Founder of PI LIVE USA, commented, “Each year we look at how we can amplify the messages and industry-shaping content covered by our speakers at PI LIVE. Therefore, I’m thrilled to be partnering with a roster of exceptional affiliate marketing podcasters dedicating their time to help grow and optimise the industry.

"I can’t wait to see the new studio in action this year – it has the most amazing spot by the pool on the roof and of course, tuning into the content produced in the weeks to come.”

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