In the realm of content creation, TikTok stands as a juggernaut, pioneering trends and redefining how we engage with digital content. However, when TikTok revealed plans to introduce long-form videos last year, it sparked curiosity and debate within the creator community. 

The question looms: will users and creators readily embrace this transformation?

TikTok's decision to delve into longer videos might seem counterintuitive at first glance. After all, the platform's hallmark has been its bite-sized, adrenaline-packed short-form content, offering users quick hits of entertainment in 15-second bursts.

However, according to TikTok, people now spend half their time watching videos on the app that are longer than 60 seconds, and creators who posted videos longer than one minute gained five times more followers than those with shorter videos.

Research from GWI also reveals that short-form videos are preferred, but long-form content also has its place and is popular among the young generation, with both video types having an equal level of popularity among Gen Zers at 96%.

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