In the dynamic world of influencer marketing and the Creator Economy, staying ahead of the curve is essential for brands looking to make a lasting impact. 

As we step further into 2024, the landscape of influencer marketing is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Hello Partner is excited to announce our latest survey that delves into the intricate realm of brand-creator collaborations, exploring the nuances of working with influencers, from mega and macro to the rising stars - micro-influencers. 

And the most important part, we want YOU to take part!

What will the survey cover?

Our comprehensive survey is designed to unravel the mysteries of how brands are navigating the influencer and creator marketing space in 2024. We aim to scrutinise the current trends and strategies, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Localised creators: Are brands increasingly turning to local creators to connect with specific audiences? Our survey will delve into the geographical preferences of brands and uncover whether a shift towards localised creators is taking place.
  • Reliability of viral creators: Virality has long been a sought-after quality in influencers and content creators, but is it still a reliable metric in 2024? Our survey aims to determine whether brands are prioritising viral creators or if other factors are now taking precedence in their decision-making processes.
  • Mega, macro, and micro-influencers: Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of our survey revolves around the successful utilisation of mega, macro, and micro-influencers. What strategies are brands employing to maximise the impact of each category, and do they have a preference for one over the others? These are the questions that will shape our understanding of the evolving influencer and creator marketing landscape.

Why participate?

Hello Partner is calling upon brands to actively engage with this survey, who will have the opportunity to contribute to the collective understanding of influencer and creator marketing trends. Your insights will not only shape our upcoming report but will also provide valuable benchmarks for the industry.

As a participant, you will help the discovery of how different brand approaches align with industry standards, provide insights into what strategies are proving successful for others, and identify potential areas for improvement in your influencer marketing campaigns.

Participating in our survey will also provide a first-hand look at emerging trends, allowing your brand to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the changing landscape. Your input is invaluable, and your brand's perspective will contribute to a richer, more nuanced understanding of the influencer and creator marketing terrain in 2024.

Shaping the future together

As we navigate the complex intersection of brands and creators in 2024, Hello Partner is committed to shedding light on the strategies that work best. The success of our survey hinges on the active participation of brands like yours. Together, let's unravel the secrets to successful brand-creator collaborations and pave the way for a more informed and effective digital marketing landscape. Participate in our survey today through the button below!

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