Do you remember the good old days?

Compared to how it is now, the humble beginnings of affiliate marketing are almost unrecognisable. Back then, the whole thing was as simple as adding an affiliate link to your blog and turning clicks into cash. You recommend a brand someone might not have heard of, someone purchases from that brand, and you get a reward.

Then, coupon and deal partners arrived and the spotlight became even brighter upon bottom-funnel sales. For many years, this is how affiliate marketing was understood – the bottom-funnel strategy. 

But times have changed. Affiliate marketing has more notches on its belt. Now, affiliate partners can be deployed throughout the customer journey. Coupon and cashback partners can assist with brand awareness, just like creators and micro-influencers can be armed with affiliate links. 

We’re interested in how brands are using affiliate partners in the customer journey. Are they used mainly to drive new customers, or increase AOV? Do you use an always-on approach, or do you rotate partners based on who delivers the best returns?

Is the funnel something that brands care about? Do you actively consider where certain partners fit into the customer journey?

These are the kinds of questions we’re asking to build a comprehensive report for a better understanding of how affiliate partners are utilised by brands right now. 

To get involved, please complete the survey here. It only takes a few minutes. We appreciate it!

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