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The Perfect Pairing: Rakuten Advertising, Coles Liquor Group & Cashrewards Bring Affiliate to Retail Media

In a groundbreaking fusion of retail media and affiliate marketing, Rakuten Advertising, Coles Liquor Group, and Cashrewards introduced "The Perfect Pairing" campaign.

Emulating the impact of a strategically placed supermarket aisle display, this collaboration enhanced the customer journey through the retail media channel.

By seamlessly integrating an enticing cashback campaign on Cashrewards' homepage, akin to eye-level allure in physical stores, the trio redefined digital marketing.

One defining element of this campaign was its unique funding: entirely supported by the beverage brand, mirroring traditional retail practices. Leveraging Cashrewards' Love Island partnership for pre-launch excitement, the campaign achieved unparalleled success.

The result? A 60-fold increase in sales for the beverage brand and a doubling of Coles’ Dark Spirit sales. This innovative synergy of retail media and affiliate marketing proved to be a winning combo in the eyes of our judges.

Judges Comments

“Clear objective, increase sales and traffic. A very creative campaign idea implemented across media. The recruitment of Coca Cola was a nice team effort.”

Deep Dive / Q&A

Hello Partner: What does it mean for you to win this award?
Ozanna Lesniewska, Rakuten Advertising:
It means our hours worked and paid off.

HP: What advice do you have for advertisers entering the retail media channel in 2024?
Edward Trinkwon, Rakuten Advertising:
Difficult question with the current economic situation. Work with Rakuten Advertising is one of the biggest pieces of advice, I would say! Use your data as well.

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