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/0:10 & Kwik Fit: Proving The Incremental Value of Onsite Engagement & Conversion Tech, a customer journey optimisation platform, joined forces with the established automotive giant, Kwik Fit, in a pioneering collaboration. Their focus: proving the incremental value of onsite engagement and conversion technology.'s innovative solutions, from reducing cart abandonment to driving higher average order values, seamlessly integrated into Kwik Fit's digital landscape.

In a recent overlay campaign, both teams not only aimed to boost conversions but also conducted a strategic test to underline the affiliate channel's worth for Kwik Fit and the industry at large. The results were nothing short of impressive, demonstrating the channel's immense value in the digital mix.

This successful collaboration not only validated the affiliate channel but also fostered a fruitful working relationship, leading to ongoing campaigns that align with Kwik Fit's omnichannel strategy.

Through strategic insights and performance-driven approaches, and Kwik Fit showcased the power of innovative partnerships, embodying effective problem-solving in the digital realm.

Judges Comments

“Clever use of testing to show incremental uplift. methodically approached a clear problem with stellar data and the results speak for themselves.”

Deep Dive / Q&A

Hello Partner:How does it feel to win the award in this category tonight?
Chris Johnson,
It's great to win this award. It's always great to win awards, especially industry awards. There are a lot of non-traditional partners becoming traditional partners and with that, there are always incremental questions being asked to the channel and publishers.
So, for us to put together a really good campaign that showcased how incremental onsite conversion technology can be versus other channels in the marketing mix has been great. To be recognised tonight is fantastic.

HP: What single piece of advice do you have for businesses entering partnerships into 2024?
Chris Johnson,
With partnerships it's always about making sure you set good goals and metrics. That's the most important part – understanding where you both are seated at the table; understanding who you should be speaking to; understanding what we're looking for in the results and tests. That is what makes a good partnership and if you can have some fun along the way, even better.

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