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PHD & Kepler: HSBC UK’s Safe Spaces Partnership for People Experiencing Financial Abuse

HSBC UK, in collaboration with PHD and Kepler, embarked on a noble and fruitful partnership to address financial abuse.

Through Hestia’s UK Says No More initiative, HSBC UK branches were transformed into safe havens. The campaign's success was unprecedented, eliciting 1,158 comments on social media, demonstrating its profound impact.

The initiative aimed not just at raising awareness about Safe Spaces but also educating the public on financial abuse. This effort was marked by genuine human connection, empathy, and thoughtful collaboration.

Their efforts transcended the components of an average campaign; this was a compassionate response to a societal challenge. The initiative’s ability to engage communities and amplify its message while maintaining a deeply human touch showcases its exceptional quality.

Our judges were delighted to crown PHD & Kepler as winners in this category.

Judges Comments

“What a meaningful campaign, I love it! Great to see how the human element of an audience-first approach to ad buying helped to navigate around ad restrictions.”

Deep Dive / Q&A

Hello Partner: How does it feel to win this award tonight?
Hannah Farci, PHD: Really chuffed!
Lauren Port, PHD: Yeah, thrilled. It's a shame our partners, Kepler, couldn't be here. We jointly one this with them, but we're really happy to have won.

HP: What does it mean to you to win in this specific category?
Lauren Port, PHD:
It's brilliant. We were so thrilled to win at the UK's Performance Marketing Awards, but to win the global one is really, really great. It's obviously a great cause. The financial abuse campaign has helped so many people in the real world. We're really happy to have won as a big agency team.

The Global Performance Marketing Awards 2023 was held in association with ad4mat

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