It’s been an eventful week in the fast-paced world of influencer marketing and the creator economy, with new insights on creator pay, TikTok bans, X updates, and more.

Shifts in creator pay

Mavrck has published its third annual compensation report this week, sharing insightful details on creator rates across sponsored content and various other income streams.

The influencer marketing platform’s 2023 Creator Compensation Report uncovers key shifts in creator pay in the last year, with data collected directly from influencers themselves on their perspectives on content creation and compensation trends in 2023.

Providing an in-depth exploration of creator compensation, the report sheds light on how the growth of influencer marketing has left its imprint on creators and their earnings. The report further delves into the intricate factors that contribute to creator income.

"The way creators generate revenue is becoming more diverse as the creator economy matures," says Lyle Stevens, CEO and Co-Founder of Mavrck.

"Previously, creators relied heavily on sponsored content to make money. However, the growth of the creator economy and the macroeconomic environment have introduced new revenue streams and opportunities for creators to monetise their passions and creativity."

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