Flashy and unattainable influencer content is losing its grip on consumers with almost a quarter (24%) of respondents aged 25-34 years old and nearly a fifth (19%) aged 16-24 saying they have unfollowed accounts they felt presented a lifestyle not relatable to them.

The new research comes from Accenture Song, which conveys the views of 2,000 UK consumers. Nearly one in five (16%) stated they’re less likely to watch influencer content during the higher cost of living crisis.

This is where Love Island comes in. Having been a popular mainstay of primetime TV for several years now, this year’s Love Island experienced around a million fewer people tuning in for the launch compared to last year.

We’ve also seen that Oh Polly cut its one-million-dollar partnership with Love Island 2022 winner, Ekin Su, due to its low performance less than six months after signing the huge deal. So, are we starting to see a decline in the influence of the show’s contestants and their power to help brands sell products?

Shifting consumer attitudes

According to the above research, consumers are more likely to skip past ad content from influencers (20%) if the content seems flashy or unrelatable.

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