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ASICS Colour Injection Collection

Expanding on their initial brief, the team at Smarts went above and beyond to drive spectacular results for a globally-renowned sportswear brand.

In May 2022, ASICS approached Smarts with a brief to create paid ad content for its newly launched TikTok account. It hoped to authentically capture the interest of Gen Z and welcome a new generation of consumers into the brand’s ethos.

Smarts knew that to achieve the results ASICS was looking for, creators would need to be incorporated into the campaign. The agency’s dedicated influencer and talent division, Creator Hub, transformed the paid social brief into a fully-fledged creator programme for the brand. Co-creating the content with the partners, Smarts was able to authentically engage with the target audience. The metrics prove this, with over 2,900 sales in one day alone, 2.9m impressions, and 16k clicks.

Judges Comments

“Great campaign that managed to shift brand perception without alienating the current customer base.”

Deep Dive

Hello Partner: How are you feeling right now?
Laura Smith, Smarts: Absolutely elated, we're absolutely delighted! I flew over from Belfast today so I'm absolutely thrilled to be picking up this award today!

HP: Where do you see TikTok and influencer marketing going in the year ahead, coming from an expert?
Laura Smith: Oh gosh, I think the world of TikTok and influencer marketing is only going up. I think the exciting future ahead is enormous and we see creators at the forefront of that. At Smarts, co-creation is so important and that's something we use going forward. Using creators as creative consultants is one of the primary things that we work with across the board on a day-to-day basis, and I think that's so important and it'll be at the forefront of the industry really soon.


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