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Ogilvy North America and ERA Woman Corp

Ogilvy North America and ERA Woman Corp’s impactful campaign focused on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), the proposed amendment aimed to eliminate gender-based discrimination in the United States.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the political fight for ERA ratification, the campaign, known as Woman Corp, was launched ahead of the November midterm elections. Leveraging influencers and celebrities, the integrated campaign effectively raised awareness about the ongoing issue of women's lack of equal rights. By sparking conversations and inspiring action, the campaign utilised donated time and resources to make a significant impact on public discourse and encourage voter engagement during the midterm elections.

The campaign's ability to effectively communicate the urgency of achieving equal constitutional rights for women, utilising a small budget, and driving conversation and action were key standouts to our judging panel.

Judges Comments

“This is a powerful and creative campaign with a strong message. Utilising influencers as part of their strategy was highly successful and engaging to their audience.”

Deep Dive

Hello Partner: How do you feel at this very moment?
Ansley Williams, Ogilvy: Honoured, honestly. This campaign was a lot of hard work and it was for a big purpose so we're so excited.

HP: Your campaign has such a deep and important message of equal rights. How important is it to see this further within influencer marketing?
Ansley Williams: It's so important, especially in the US. Women still don't have the same rights so it is big.


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