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The All Inclusive Photo Project For Celebrity Cruises

Executed by Good Relations, this campaign for Celebrity Cruises addressed the lack of diversity and inclusivity in travel marketing, with the ambitious goal of revolutionising the industry's communication practices.

By posing the question of whether Celebrity Cruises could truly embrace inclusivity, the campaign launched the world's first free and open-source diversity-focused image library called the #AllInclusivePhotoProject. To achieve this, the campaign commissioned renowned and diverse photographers and creators, in addition to providing travel media and marketing professionals worldwide with access to inspiring travel imagery, challenging the industry's traditional representation of white, slim, and straight couples and families.

The campaign was a resounding success, with thousands of downloads and a significant impact on the industry's visual landscape. By showcasing that luxury travel is for everyone, the campaign effectively changed the perception of the public and demonstrated the power of inclusivity in the travel sector.

Judges Comments

“By engaging influential photographers from underrepresented communities, authenticity was ensured while creating powerful representation and inclusiveness.”

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