The scene was set for PI LIVE Miami at Matterkind’s Margarita Mixer on Sunday. A busy, blissful meeting of industry talent, fuelled by cocktails, basking in the glow of a warm sunset over South Beach at The Moxy’s rooftop bar. In other words, a freakin' beautiful way to start the week, and ease everyone into the hustle of day one at PI LIVE Miami.

We opened doors to over 600 attendees yesterday, and pretty quickly the glamorous Hyatt Regency Hotel was lit up with the many smiling faces of partnership marketers, creators, and more. Hands were shaking, deals were a-making, and notes were a-taking, as streams of cheerful attendees flowed in-and-out of stage sessions, networking meetings, and casual catch-ups.

Our two stages, sponsored by Matterkind and Rakuten Advertising, became a hotspot for some stunning discussions on the current state and future of the partnerships landscape. With a global array of speakers and industry leaders, we learned about the hottest publisher types, how to best personalise campaigns, and how generative AI is transforming the space. You can expect to see deeper dives into our sessions’ content in the coming weeks, as we clue you in on the lessons you want to revisit, or might have missed – so keep your eyes peeled for these!

Influencer Convergence: How to Effectively Leverage Partnerships in an Economic Downturn

Moderator Todd Crawford posted his key takeaway from the session to LinkedIn. He relayed that there’s a “happy medium”, or alternative hybrid model, to the generally accepted binary of ‘pay-for-post’ for influencers, revenue share for affiliates. An emerging trend shows brands are providing influencers with affiliate tracking links for their posts and promo codes, so that they can start earning affiliate commission; and this helps reduce the total cost of pay-for-post too.

Beyond ChatGPT: How Generative AI will Change Content, Commerce, and Affiliate

Speaker Brandon Kaplan impressed the crowd with his session on the power of generative AI in partnership marketing. AI’s strengths are multi-faceted, ranging from content creation to personalisation. Stephanie Lichtenstein took to Twitter to share her biggest takeaway, being that the current AI revolution holds as much potential as the initial launch of the AppStore.

As day one drew to a close, attendees were either dressing up for the US Partnership Awards, or booking taxis to the Oasis After Dark drinks and networking session. The fun and festivities continued on into the cool, indigo hue of evening – and we’re ready to do it all over again today!

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