Pinterest introduces Premier Spotlight, a format which will allow advertisers to have premium video ad placements on the app’s search page for 24 hours.

The testing of the format has already started, as its latest advertising feature aims to allow brands to reach and engage with their consumers in a more accessible and direct way from the app.

Brands’ ads will be highlighted within the Pinterest app by providing prominent placing. The new format will allow brands to place their ads on the Pinterest search page for 24 hours, gaining access to a ‘premium placement’.

This may come across as appealing to brands, considering the search page is one of the app’s most popular features. The feature will give brands the opportunity to reach Pinterest users whilst they search for pins, artistic inspiration, and creative concepts.

Video is still the ‘Top Pin’ for consumers

Video remains the most engaged with content among consumers - online videos have an audience reach of 92% worldwide - and Pinterest is looking to take full advantage of that with its latest feature.

From the examples that have been shared showing the latest video ad format, we can see how the video ads will be presented on the app. As well as the short video itself, ads can include a button that directs you to the brand’s website, which opens within the Pinterest app. Users can then browse the brand’s products and make purchases on their own accord.

Although 24 hour slots may seem like a short amount of time to advertise for some brands, there has been no suggestion as of yet that a brand wouldn’t be able to book the ad slots for a number of days to keep the advertisement running longer.

Pinterest confirmed the video ad format pilot in a statement, reading: “We’re constantly looking for ways for advertisers to reach the people who come to Pinterest with commercial intent.”

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