The ever-changing platform is set to widen the creative horizons for businesses, with the incorporation of audio into brand promotions.

The feature provides a collection of free-to-use audio elements to add into short video clips that will align with the popular trends within the app.

Sounds for Business will be available in TikTok’s ‘Commercial Music Library’, offering a wide range of custom sounds, including music, voiceovers, and other creative audio cues.

Brands’ new best friend

This becomes one of many new features introduced by TikTok in 2023 alone, after just announcing the launch of its Creativity Program Beta, a new programme to provide more revenue opportunities for creators.

With the new Sounds for Business feature, TikTok is looking to solidify itself as ‘a home to small businesses’ as well. It’s been reported by TikTok that 58% of TikTok users say they discover new brands and products on the platform, and 44% admit to immediately going out to buy something they’ve discovered on the app.

In the statement, TikTok explains its goal with the feature, saying that the sounds are “made to help businesses of all sizes create quick, engaging, and creative content for the TikTok community.”

Cranking up the volume

The use of sound has proven a success for brands and creators who share their own content on the platform, becoming integral in creating global trends, with endless success stories from musicians and creators who have noted TikTok as the cause to their career revivals or musical success.

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