We're wrapping up the year with the very first edition of the Hello Partner Partnership Marketing Salary and Career Survey.

Our survey attempts to understand not only salary levels in the partnership sphere, but also the trends that define each channel within the industry at this current time, and the levels of diversity amongst those in the field.

This is your chance to see how you fit amongst your peers, and contribute to a report that will provide essential industry insight for the coming year.

The results will be assembled in our 2023 Partnership Marketing Salary and Career Report, to be released in January. The deadline for completing the survey is 19th December.

Have no fear, your response will remain anonymous, and will not hit our CRM. You can find more information at our privacy policy here. Responses will only be used for the purpose of producing the Partnership Marketing Salary and Career Report.

Once finished, you can enter into a prize draw to win one pre-paid VISA card loaded with £50.

Please complete the survey below!

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