Community commerce company,, the award-winning Community Commerce company, has announced today that noted influencer marketing expert, Jason Falls, will be joining the team as its new executive vice-president for marketing.

The noted author of Winfluence, host of the similarly-named Winfluence podcast, and Influencer Marketing Show speaker is most known for his “influence marketing, without the ‘r’” philosophy which perfectly aligns with’s vision.

“We are on a mission to help brands grow exponentially through the power of their raving fans through multiple generative AI applications in our Community Commerce Marketing Platform,” explained Sundeep Sanghavi, Co-Founder & CEO. “Jason’s deep domain expertise and broad, strategic perspective on the power of influence to help Brands grow perfectly aligns with our vision.”

Falls spent the last five years leading social and influence strategy for Cornett, named one of the Top 30 Pioneers in U.S. Influencer Marketing by Talking Influence (now Hello Partner) in April.

“’s roadmap is almost identical to the type of software I’d build if I had the time and resources to create software to drive influence and commerce for brands and agencies,” Falls said. “I’m excited to now be in a position to help see that vision come to life. We are changing how brands think about influence across stakeholder groups, making true influence – that drives commerce – come to life for them.”

Falls is passionate about’s suite of Community Commerce applications that help brands grow by uncovering, authenticating, and activating their ardent fans as community leaders. He noted that the platform's Community Influence Marketing application is unique to the market.

“Most influencer marketing approaches are focused on the influencer rather than the ultimate goal for the brand,” Falls explained. “That goal is to influence. It’s not just a semantic nuance. It’s a philosophical difference. I was blown away by the underlying data and generative AI technology which enables the most innovative, automated, and measurable applications built for one purpose in mind for brands: growth.“

Having built a rapport with Falls over the recent years, welcoming him to judge the Influencer Marketing Awards and chair our virtual Influencer Marketing Show in 2021, we are confident that this move will be hugely beneficial to both, and to Jason himself. This is a great example of passion and data coming together to create power.

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