Last March, when live social audio was a hot topic for many, Jake Poses, LinkedIn lead for video, creators, and events said that the professional networking platform was doing “early tests to create a unique audio experience connected to your professional identity,”.

LinkedIn’s live audio offering, set to be available in Spring this year, will eventually include moderated panel-style discussions, roundtables, and fireside chats, with the formats left up to the event hosts to hold virtual events that will elevate their voice.

Rivaling competitors

The hype and exclusive appeal surrounding Clubhouse that reached its peak in the spring of 2021 encouraged the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify to launch rival platforms. LinkedIn, however, is targeting a more niche audience by engaging its community of entrepreneurs and business professionals.

At the end of last year, LinkedIn announced that it would be investing further in its creators, and the new audio feature will allow creators to not just engage and grow a loyal audience through a written post, but by showcasing their personality and physical voice.

LinkedIn doesn’t plan to include ticketed events, where organisers could charge for access, meaning that we all have the opportunity to explore the future of LinkedIn’s newest creator tool, and the growth of LinkedIn influencers in 2022.

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