Nominations are now open for the annual Influencer 50 list. The alphabetical list is curated from a B2B perspective from a combination of peer nominations and research conducted by the team at Talking Influence. We want you to help us feature the best of the best on this years’ list.

What are we looking for?

During yet another testing year following the 2020 pandemic, we have seen a wealth of adaptation and innovation within the industry as the world has started to open up and teams have expertly altered their influencer marketing strategies to meet the current needs of consumers.

Our aim is to recognise and showcase 50 exceptional individuals from across the globe who have added true value to the influencer marketing space over the past 12 months. For example, the individual may have driven an innovative campaign or implemented new technologies, presented as an ambassador in the industry, or maybe they have generally had a positive impact on their team when overcoming challenges and hurdles.

As well as celebrating those who are established in their roles and consistently successful, we want to open our list to recognise and celebrate rising stars who have demonstrated passion and creativity from the beginning of their journey. We want to celebrate excellence across the board.

Let’s hear from those who made the cut in 2020 winners

Nikki Leste, Head of Talent, Channel Mum: “The last 18 months have been challenging for everyone so I was particularly honoured to have been included in the Talking Influence Top 50 list for 2020 along with some other amazing names in the industry.

“I am especially proud that I have been able to spend the past year supporting the talent that I manage in finding a balance through the challenges of Covid and family life whilst still being able to follow their passion and grow their business.”

Jeanette Okwu, Founder of “Receiving the honour of The Top 50 Award is a proud recognition of the accomplishments my peers and I have made in our field, but it’s also far more than that: it’s a testament of how far the industry has evolved as a professional marketing discipline. When I look at the names in this group it’s not only humbling, but it also drives me to continue to move the needle of a dynamic creator economy that’s truly, slowly, changing the world.”

Oliver Lewis, Group MD & Founder of THE FIFTH: “It was such an honour to be named in the Talking Influence Influencer 50 list last year. Both because it is nominated by peers but also to be named alongside such established talent and heavyweights in our industry. Each year it becomes even more competitive as talent pours into our space and individual achievements grow. It is head and shoulders the most recognised badge in our industry so if you get it, wear it with pride knowing you are helping to lead the way for us all.

Since being named on the list last year, myself and the team at The Fifth, have gone from strength to strength. Winning the trust of new clients, executing across new markets, launching new services but above all constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible within Influencer marketing. Creatively and professionally. Our industry is evolving and consequently spend is growing at such a pace and I’m certain that it will be in no small part because of the people on this year’s list.”

Submit your nominations now!

First of all, a little bit of housekeeping. It is important to note that individuals are not able to nominate themselves to feature on the list – this is the perfect opportunity to show your peers how much you value them and the work they do. However, a representative within a company can nominate someone from their own organisation.

To nominate someone for the #TalkingInfluence50, simply complete this form. To help spread the word and support your nominations, voters and nominees are encouraged to share their entries using the hashtag #TalkingInfluence50.

All nominations will be carefully reviewed by the Talking Influence team based on the evidence highlighted in the submission in regards to each individual’s work and contribution to the industry over the past year. The more evidence you can provide to support your nomination, the better.

Nominations close on 27 October – so you have just over a month to get thinking about who you believe deserves a nomination.

Take a look at last years’ list to get an idea of some of the previous talent that have featured on the list. We cannot wait to review this years’ submissions!

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