Influencer marketing technology company IZEA has formed Influence+United, a global alliance for influencer marketing. Historically, marketers have been hindered in their ability to receive cohesive multi-continent concepts, integrated strategy, and investment strategy. Localised cultural nuances, language barriers, and contractual considerations are crucial considerations for each geography when it comes to executing campaigns.

According to the statement, the Influence+United alliance seeks to “take the stress of globalisation” and streamline the entire journey, from proposal to results, for companies across the globe. The alliance will serve as the easiest way to execute a unified influencer marketing campaign with trusted leaders who are localised in presence, but global in scope.

“We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our alliance partners to form another ‘industry-first’ initiative to create more opportunities for influencers and better outcomes for brands,” said Ted Murphy, IZEA chairman and chief executive officer.

IZEA plans to formally welcome Influence+United partners in subsequent announcements. The partners will work together to develop campaign concepts, strategies and investment recommendations. Buzzoole, FLUVIP and Chtrbox have all currently signed up.

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