TikTok will join the likes of YouTube and Hulu as they present to advertisers at the IAB’s first-ever virtual NewFronts event. NewFronts organisers said that this year’s events will respond to the “major shift in audience behavior and subsequent surge in streaming” that’s occurred as consumers are at home mid-pandemic, and will showcase the latest trends in streaming and gaming and look at ways to navigate the future of advertising.

The events are invite-only for buy-side brand marketers and agency executives and it is the place where advertisers commit a large amount of their yearly TV spending in deals as networks host presentations to show media buyers their programming, audience data and ad tools.

Although new to the space, TikTok is becoming increasingly appealing for advertisers looking to reach Gen Z as brands such as Mac and Levi’s have seen success with campaigns on the platform. TikTok continues to build and test new features to attract advertisers to the platform.

The platform will present along with the likes of YouTube, Snap, Facebook, Roku and Hulu. Publishers such as Conde Nast, The Wall Street Journal and Vice Media Group are also on the schedule. Others like Amazon and Twitter said last month they won’t be participating in the events this year.

Advertising on TikTok

This follows the recent announcement that new legislation is set to be introduced this year to change the way advertisers can target users on platforms such as TikTok.

“As the UK looks to implement the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), due by 19 September 2020, video-sharing platforms are preparing to have tighter regulations imposed, which could impact the types of adverts and content permitted and therefore the platform revenue streams as a result,” outlined Sara McDonald.

Given its explosive growth, which now sees around 500 million regular users on the platform, it’s certainly worth considering the potential of TikTok’s advertising products to reach new audiences.

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