YouTube is launching a series of new updates to help creators enhance their content and moderate their channel.

Audience activity

All creators on the platform will now be able to access in-depth analytics that includes being able to see what time their audience is most active online. This data will help creators determine the best time to publish content and broadcast livestreams.

youtube audience views

Reviewing comments

Another feature YouTube is implementing will help creators manage their comments at scale. The previously optional ‘hold inappropriate comments for review’ setting will now be turned on default. Creators will get a notification when the setting has been enabled n their channel.

Video chapters

In the coming weeks, YouTube will introduce video chapters, which will allow creators to ‘break up’ their videos into segments that will be shown in a progress bar. Those that wish to use the video chapters will have to divide their video into at least three chapters, each of which will have to be at least 10 seconds long.

Monetization icon

According to Matt Koval, YouTube’s creator liaison, the platform is adding a new monetization icon to the YouTube Studio so creators can better understand the status of their video content.

Previously, when creators uploaded a video, creators experienced flip-flopping notifications about the monetization status of video content, causing confusion and irritation – a green icon turned into a yellow icon and then back to green, for example. The green symbol indicates that the video is monetized by YouTube, while the yellow symbol signifies that a specific video is serving limited ads or no ad at all. The red icon indicates that YouTube has demonetized the video because of a copyright claim.

youtube monetization symbol

The technical teams have introduced a new clock symbol that tells creators when their video is still being checked for advert suitability. When the clock icon turns into green, yellow, or red, creators can now be more confident that it will be the final decision.

Creators should only see the clock symbol for 20-minutes or less, typically, as the system reviews the content. YouTube will not run any ads on a video while YouTube’s systems are checking the video for ad suitability.

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