Instagram announced that users can now save their Instagram Live videos to IGTV.

Until now, IG Live streams have only been available to view during the live broadcast when it appears in the Stories section of the app. As they take place in Stories, the videos disappear after 24 hours. Users also have the option to save the IG Live video to their camera roll and re-upload if they choose.

However, users can now save Live videos straight to IGTV, Instagram’s app for longer-form videos. This means musicians, chefs, fitness instructors and others can archive their streams so viewers can watch the video content more than a day later, no doubt increasing viewership.

With Instagram announcing monetization options on IGTV, this new feature could allow creators to expand their IGTV content portfolio and encourage more creators to utilise the platform, with the potential to eventually earn revenue via the content.

IG Live to IGTV video process

Instagram said the process means users won’t be able to edit live videos before sharing it to IGTV. Additionally, any likes or comments from the original video won’t be included in Live video replays, and the number of viewers of the Live video will start again once shared to IGTV.

The social media platform has been working on this feature for some time, and last month Facebook said that the announcement was part of an expansion of livestreaming features across its various platforms.

The ‘Share to IGTV’ option is available to all users.

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