This week, TikTok announced in an email to Creator Marketplace users it will be rolling out new campaign reporting features on its TikTok Creator Marketplace app.

“With a new decade underway, what better time to take your TikTok campaign measurement into the future! We are proud to announce an important feature in TikTok Creator Marketplace that will allow you to access robust sporting and insights on your TikTok sponsored content.”

Creator Marketplace is TikTok’s invite-only platform for brand and creator collaborations, enabling brands to discover the best influencers based on topics, location and reach. The platform had limited measurement capabilities and displayed a few metrics. Brands could filter creators they want to work with based on goals and see an array of data about those particular influencers, including average views per post, likes, comments, and shares.

However, thanks to the new features added, users will now be able to access real-time data and metrics such as views, engagement, engagement rate, and audience breakdown by gender, age-range, and device. The additional first-party data will make it easier for brands to assess how well a campaign performed and understand how audiences are responding to content, and therefore change tactics, set benchmarks and evolve strategies for better long-term influencer marketing success on the video platform.

With the data coming from TikTok itself as opposed to third-party tools, the data should be more accurate and help drive better results. Although TikTok is bound to build on its reporting and Creator Marketplace features as influencer marketing on the platform increases, this is a good start and could become a very helpful tool for brands looking to run TikTok campaigns.

Currently, Creator Marketplace is using an “exclusively invitation-based experience system” so not everyone is on it yet. Brands can apply via the website.

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