Performance-based influencer marketing platform Linqia has announced a new end-to-end solution, the Enhanced Shopper solution. It allows marketers to drive sales at a specific point of purchase across multiple retailers.  Linqia’s new updates to the Enhanced Shopper solution features an industry-first capability to include a Universal Checkout, which allows marketers to partner with influencers to share content that instantly allows consumers to purchase products directly from an influencer’s organic or paid post on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram post or Story. “For the first time, consumers can purchase products from the store they want via social media platforms,” said the statement.The solution also features integration with partner WhyteSpyder to instantly enhance e-commerce product pages with influencer content on Linqia is in the midst of getting additional retailers on board. “Consumers can now click straight through to the checkout page, taking the average path to purchase from 16 clicks down to three.This partnership allows brands to capitalize on the demand created by influencers and gives consumers what they have been asking for,” said Heather Marie Udo, CEO and founder of Shoppable. “As a part of the Enhanced Shopper solution, we can publish user-created videos, recipes, documents or tutorials through rich media on Walmart product pages,” said Eric Howerton, SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s chief growth officer.With the Enhanced Shopper Solution, marketers can choose their desired channel, e-commerce or in-store. A team of experts design the program and select the right influencers with the help of Linqia’s Performance Marketing technology. The team recognises that the value of influencer-created content extends beyond the social feed, driving a 2.7-times increase in performance across paid channels. With this in mind, after the campaign, data is used to determine what creative should be amplified on paid channels. Linqia has also partnered with IRI and RetailSync to directly connect influencer content to sales. “By providing actual offline sales for campaigns at the UPC and brand level, marketers now have an ROI-based KPIs to evaluate the success of a campaign and create better experiences for their consumers,” said Nishat Mehta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence.
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