We’re extremely excited to have on board Traackr as a category sponsor (Best Sport & Fitness) for the Influencer Marketing Awards (IMAs). Ahead of next Tuesday’s awards ceremony (March 26), we caught up with Traackr Evy Wilkins VP of Marketing to discuss the company, industry developments and them being shortlisted for three IMA categories.

First of all, could you give us a quick overview of your company and what you do?

Traackr is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform that enables brands to scale global influencer strategies. Our technology powers influencer discovery and evaluation, program management and performance measurement for paid and organic campaigns. What sets us apart is our diverse influencer database covering the entire globe and our reporting capabilities. Traackr was founded 10 years ago before Instagram even existed… can you believe that? Today we are proud to power IM for some of the most amazing brands around the world.

What key developments in the industry have you seen within the last 12 months, and how has your company manoeuvred with them?

The last year in influencer marketing is best compared to a teenager’s growth spurt! Our industry has had to face some challenging times, but the outcome is leading us to a great place. Less than a year ago, concerns about fake influence, fraudulent engagement and unsavoury audience acquisition tactics came to the forefront. These are serious issues which we are facing head-on by continuously working to provide better insights, increase transparency and enable efficiencies in long-term relationship building. We’ve also seen investments in influencer marketing skyrocket and with that an urgent need for measurement standards. Providing brands with the influencer marketing data and insights they need to make strategic financial decisions is core to what we do at Traackr. One of the most exciting trends in influencer marketing is a shift to being relationship-focused. We’re seeing less transactional influencer marketing and more relational strategies take hold in small and large organisations. From my perspective, the biggest challenges today are more internal to brands. Questions about how to structure teams, hire for the right skills, and budget for influencer marketing, etc. These are topics many organisations are working through today.

In your opinion, what kind of attributes stand out in a successful influencer marketing campaign?

  • Grounded in data & insights
  • Relationship-driven over transactional
  • Established on cross-functional Collaboration
  • Aligned to your brand values
  • Tied to business objectives

How does it feel to be sponsoring the category for Best Sport & Fitness at the IMAs?

Very fitting! Many of us on the Traackr team are passionate about sports, fitness and wellbeing. We’re excited to meet the shortlisted teams and announce the winner!

You’re also been shortlisted in three categories: Best Beauty, Best Campaign Planning & Management Tool and Best Influencer Discovery Tool. How does it feel to be nominated for three awards?

It’s an amazing feeling. We’re always so focused, working with our customers to advance the practice of influencer marketing and achieve business impact, pushing our technology forward and responding to market dynamics. The judging panel is full of influencer marketing experts and to have been shortlisted for three awards is great validation.

Lastly, how will Traackr help drive the influencer marketing industry forward on a global scale in 2019?

Traackr’s North Star has always been enabling brands to build meaningful relationships with the people who influence their audiences. We’ve been developing technology to this effect for the last decade and intend to keep at it! Many of our customers are global brands with worldwide programs that require coordination, measurement and optimisation on a massive scale and at Traackr we’re laser-focused on supporting their needs.  

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