The Launch of Uniqodo's Experience Builder: Redefining Retail Promotions

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Uniqodo's Experience Builder, a pioneer in retail technology, addresses the complex promotion landscape faced by retailers in 2024. Its launch in Autumn 2023 revolutionises promotion execution with seamless integration of promotion engine functionality and on-site experiences, streamlining operations.

Distinguished by a SaaS pricing model and user-friendly interface, Uniqodo's decade-long expertise culminates in a powerful tool that surpasses competitors in functionality and ease of use. Its robust auto-scaling infrastructure ensures scalability across global retailers, addressing unpredictable promotion demands.

The transformative impact extends beyond operations, reshaping Uniqodo's culture from bespoke consultancy to scalable SaaS solutions. Noteworthy success stories like Sky and Taylor & Francis highlight the platform's efficacy, with notable increases in conversion rates and revenue. Uniqodo's Experience Builder empowers marketers to navigate the evolving retail landscape with confidence.

Judges Comments

“A very impressive tech that is delivering great results for clients across promotional journeys.”

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