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Uniqodo & BT Group: Seamless Plusnet to EE Migration Lands Unprecedented Retention Success

Last year, BT Group and Uniqodo collaborated on a groundbreaking mission: to seamlessly migrate Plusnet mobile customers to EE, overcoming industry migration pitfalls with a customer-centric vision.

Post the acquisition of EE by BT Group in 2015, the consolidation of services under EE posed a challenge due to historical migration failures. The goal was customer satisfaction, tariff discount protection, and market share preservation.

Uniqodo's innovative content gate strategy unlocked exclusive EE deals for Plusnet customers, driving self-migration with special offers. Effective communication and problem-solving were the cornerstones of this collaboration.

Launched in May 2023, the campaign exceeded expectations with a remarkable 35% over-target migration rate online, achieving a 9.8% conversion rate. Zero unauthorized usage and a 75% migration rate surpassed targets by 115%, saving substantial reacquisition costs.

The partnership was lauded by Plusnet & EE Director Jo Carman, showcasing how collaboration achieves exceptional results in the dynamic telecom industry.

Judges Comments

“Excellent campaign. Put the customer first and made smart use of the platform capabilities.”

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