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BENlabs’ AI-Driven Insights Empower Brands and Creators To Reach New Audiences

BENlabs’ AI-driven solutions revolutionised brand-creator collaborations. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, BENlabs simplifies audience targeting, empowering brands to establish impactful connections with their target demographics.

Partnering with TubeBuddy, their YouTube optimisation toolkit, BENlabs offers unmatched insights to over 15 million creators, unlocking new audience segments and personalised predictions. With a focus on data analysis and innovation, BENlabs bridges the gap between brands and creators, facilitating effective marketing strategies and product placements.

Their comprehensive suite of SaaS tools empowers both brands and creators, making BENlabs a game-changer in the performance marketing landscape.

Judges Comments

“BENlabs is a leader in AI-driven influencer marketing. This technology overall sounds like a data lover's creator dream.”

The Performance Marketing Awards 2024 was held in association with WeShop

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